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Literacy: Tools for Building Meaning

What repertoire of strategies do students have to read and understand?

Students understand that they need to flexibly apply fix up strategies to ensure meaning is made. The focus of this unit is to build confidence as readers as they engage with more difficult text. Noticing familiar fairytale language, like “once upon a time” will help students with retelling including a beginning, middle and end. Reading familiar stories and talking about the characters will facilitate student’s ability to describe and identify characters in texts they read.

Math: Teen Numbers - Tens and Ones

How can I see parts within a whole?

Students understand that quantities and shapes can be seen as a single whole or as two or more parts. In this unit, students build on previous explorations with breaking quantities apart to find many partitions of a single quantity, recognizing that the whole remains the same even when the parts are different. Students extend their understanding of part whole relationships to recognize parts based on the structure of ten. They understand that teen numbers are composed of a group of ten and some more, and they use the structure of five and ten when representing quantities to 20 using concrete materials and drawings.

Writing: How Authors Add Detail and Keep our Interest

What makes writing interesting?

Students understand that telling a story with detail can hook and engage a reader. The focus of this unit is to honor the reader of the writing by making it interesting. This could be through adding details to the picture and words. When writers choose a topic that they are excited about, it will support their growing of ideas. Students may pull ideas from experiences and things they have read. Having a place to capture these ideas will help them as they consider what to write about next.

Science: Roll, Bounce, Spin, or Slide?

How do objects and organisms move differently?

Students will understand that living things and objects can move in a variety of different ways, and that movement can be harder or easier to predict. We will collaboratively design an investigation, make predictions and describe observations about how different objects such as a variety of balls, toy cars, paper towel rolls, feathers, marbles, people, and animals move.  As a result of this unit, students will be able to make claims supported by observations about how an object, animal, or person will move next.


Library News

The library has been a busy place this month - both during the school day and after school!  In January we kicked off the Sphero Club in style with an abstract painting project.  Super fun!  At our meeting on the 22nd we have an obstacle course planned that will require the students’ first attempt at coding.  We are also excited to announce that the Sphero organization’s world headquarters has heard about our humble club and would like to visit with us in mid-February to demonstrate just how cool coding can be!

The library’s next Book Talk Club is scheduled for Monday the 29th during 5th and 6th grade lunch.  The Jeffco Public librarian is anxious to tell us about the latest and greatest new books that she just ordered in.  She also plans to share information on the fun events happening at the Old Towne Arvada library in the next couple of months.  These events are almost always free, so it’s an inexpensive way for your student to spend a couple hours after school or on the weekend.  We’ll put an extra stack of fliers on the library circulation desk so that all students can hear about these activities.

On Wednesday, January 31, an exciting 5th grade science activity will be taking place in the library.  An environmental scientist from Canada will be Skyping live with the 5th graders who are just finishing up a unit on Natural Resources.  Students will be asking and debating with Dr. Plante about the use, origin, and concerns associated with renewable and nonrenewable natural resources.  What a true authentic learning opportunity!

The Vanderhoof library has also been host to other club’s and group’s activities this month including the kickoff to the annual science fair, multiple grade level WIN blocks, the TED-ED Club, and preparing for the January episode of the VBC. 

Finally, as pronouncer to the recent Spelling Bee, I am proud and pleased to announce this year’s winners:  Dylan Frederick – 1st Place Winner; CJ Brown – 2nd Place Winner; Ashley Largent - 3rd Place Winner; and Tara Donelson – 4th Place Winner.  Congratulations to all the students who participated.  It was an honor to be a part of this annual event.


What’s Happening in Art: 

First Grade – First grade continues to look at Patterns in Art by studying the artwork of Andy Warhol. We will look at his repeating patterns, then create our own repeating patterns in a self-portrait. You can look at his Marilyn Monroe artwork to get a preview of what first grade will be doing.

See what is happening in the Vanderhoof Art Room by visiting Ms. Cruz’s Art Class website at


What’s Happening in PE:   

I want to thank everyone for participating in Jump Rope For Heart this year! As a school, Vanderhoof raised over $3,400 dollars to help kids with heart conditions through the American Heart Association. Way to go Vanderhoof!! 


In 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades, for the past few weeks we have been working on our volleying skills.  Students discovered different ways to hit a ball and balloon up into the air. We used the bump and set skills from volleyball to hit balls to a target, partner and over a net. We played a new version of Clean The Backyard by using our volley skills. The next unit we will work on is striking with a long implement and some hockey skills.


Music Notes

1st grade continues to work on rhythmic concepts and note reading skills introducing the solfege notes SOL, LA, and MI. We continue working on the basics of musical Form. This work has been done through looking at, listening to, and moving to different types of music. We have talked about adjectives (descriptor words) in describing music by comparing voices, songs and music. Students were introduced to the Nutcracker story and the music from Tchaikovsky’s Ballet. We have also had the opportunity to build our singing voices, by singing various holiday songs in December and will continue on with other songs after the break. 


Kindergarten Registration: 

Many people do not realize that we begin registering kindergarten students in January for the following fall.  If you have a child who will be five years old by October 1, 2018, or if you have friends or neighbors with small children, please be aware that they are eligible to start kindergarten in the fall.  Kindergarten registration is January 8-31st Parents who do not have children currently in school may not have this information available to them, so please help us pass the word. 


Registration is done online at Jeffco Connect If you do not have internet access, we have computers available at the school for your use. 


  • If you have a child currently attending Jeffco schools or your child attends preschool at a Jeffco preschool, you will use the same user i.d. and password that you used to register them previously.  You will simply go in and link your student to your information. 


After you have entered your information into Jeffco Connect, you will be prompted to add your child(ren) and you will then be asked to bring the following documents to the school; a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a copy of immunization records, proof of residence (a utility bill, etc.).  According to state law, your child must have the following immunizations before beginning kindergarten:

                4 Polio                                                                   3 Hepatitis B (series of 3 shots takes 6 mos. to complete)

                5 DTP (Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis)                   2 Varicella (or had chicken pox, provide year)

                2 MMR (Measles-Mumps-Rubella)


Your child cannot be enrolled until you have completed the Jeffco Connect online registration and we have received your paperwork. Please share this information with anyone in your neighborhood who might have a child ready to start kindergarten in the fall. 


Choice Enrollment

Families who wish to enroll their student in a school other than their assigned neighborhood school must complete a Choice Enrollment Application, available at schools or on the Jefferson County Public Schools website.  Applications for First Round Choice Enrollment are accepted in January for the following school year. Students are accepted on a space available basis. Round one applications are prioritized through a lottery process. Waiting lists, which are prioritized, will be created if applicants exceed space available at the school. A separate application must be completed and submitted for each child. Students who are currently choice enrolled at Vanderhoof will remain enrolled at Vanderhoof and do not need to reapply for choice enrollment.


If a student is not accepted at a school during the first round Choice Enrollment, the student will remain on the prioritized waitlist and be carried over to Second Round Choice Enrollment.


-Choice Enrollment Round 1: January 8, 2018 – January 31, 2018

-Choice Enrollment Round 2: February 9, 2018 – August 31, 2018


















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